Common Questions About LASIK Eye Surgery

If you have been wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses for several years now, you would understand the sentiments of getting rid of them for the rest of your lives — for good.   

We all probably have encountered falling asleep only to wake up with a bent eyeglasses’ frame or worse, sleeping with your lenses on and needing medical attention because of it. It is inconvenient, really. This is why most people opt for a more permanent solution – LASIK eye surgery.   

Before you go on searching, make sure you have an eye exam Houston to make sure you will be undergoing the correct surgery and that you will be guided with every decision you make.   

If you are now sure about the LASIK eye surgery, please read the following:  

  1. What are the requirements to have the surgery? 

The good news about LASIK surgery is that it is inclusive and everyone can undergo the treatment. The current FDA-approved requirements include patients that are nearsighted, farsighted, or astigmatic. Moreover, before the surgery, you will be required to meet your doctor/ophthalmologist to be examined. The following also need to be considered:  

  • The patient needs to be at least 18 years old (or able to thrive during and after the surgery)  
  • Does not have any diseases that make healing difficult  
  • Not pregnant or breastfeeding because hormones affect eye shape  
  • Does not have glaucoma or any eye conditions   
  1. How does the surgery work? 

The main objective of the surgery is to change the shape of the cornea for better eye focus. And this can be done through lasers. The following steps are also involved:  

  • Eye exam and check up   
  • Giving you drops that numb your eyes and sedative  
  • The doctor will use one laser to make a thin flap in the eye’s cornea. This allows the doctor to have access to your stroma  
  • Another laser would be used to remove some tissues for reshaping your cornea  
  • The cornea should be given time to naturally heal  
  1. What should the patient do after the surgery? 

Immediately after the surgery, you will need to undergo another exam again to ensure that the procedure is successful. You will be needing assistance from anyone as you cannot be permitted to drive or do strenuous activities at least during the day of the LASIK surgery. While it is possible to work the day after the surgery, it is recommended that you take a rest for a couple of days and avoid heavy exercise.   

Moreover, there are possible side effects that come with LASIK, and we will share these with you in our next post!