Major Perks of Installing Epoxy Flooring

Perhaps you may have observed that epoxy flooring is typically installed in commercial and industrial areas. However, have you ever thought of installing the same floor type in your home? Fortunately, you can! This floor type is installed by putting a special coating type on top of a concrete floor. 

The outcome of having epoxy flooring would be smooth, high-performance, and durable flooring that can last one decade and even more. Apart from that, it can withstand a lot of weight and heavy foot traffic. Because of that, commercial buildings, industrial sites, and even warehouses like using epoxy floors and prefer getting expert epoxy flooring services Gulfport FL. 

How Are Epoxy Floors Installed?  

In installing epoxy flooring, you need to guarantee that the concrete is prepared properly first. This is crucial since it’s the only way for you to make sure that the coating will properly stick to the surface. When the concrete has been sealed or polished before, it needs to be taken out through grinding. If you don’t do so, the coating will have a hard time bonding to the concrete. On top of that, the concrete needs to be cured, with all the cracked duly patched, chips, and holes.   

A lot of contractors test a tiny portion of the surface first before they cover the whole floor with coating. This is their way of testing the installation’s durability. As a general rule, the poured epoxy coating on top of the concrete needs to seal in. When it merely beads or bubbles up on the surface, it means that that the concrete isn’t prepped properly. 

Things to consider when installing epoxy coating 

Since epoxy coating comes in the resin or form, it’s crucial to be mindful and work with the right temperature. Typically, the manufacturer would suggest using the right temperature when dealing with their product. Failing to do so can cause the coating to get easily peeled over time. As you work with epoxy, you’ll observe that 2 types of chemicals need to be mixed before applying them. These 2 liquids need to be properly mixed and applied right away. Hence, make sure not to do anything until you got everything prepped up. Otherwise, the coating will begin to harden and be unusable in a couple of minutes. 

What do you need? 

Most of the time, you need several epoxy coatings layers, a primer, and a finishing coat to install the epoxy flooring well. The primer similarly works like paint, which means that it needs to be added to the concrete first and allow to dry for some hours for it to settle in. Once the primer is already dry, you have to be prepared to apply the epoxy coating. To get the best results, you’ll have to make the layers at least 2 mm. thick. After that, you may add the finishing coating. 

If you don’t know how to do that all properly, contact the professional epoxy contractors right away. 

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